At Carestream Health, we take a global approach to solving customers' health needs. Carestream Health conducts business in over 200 countries with products and services for the entire film and digital spectrum, including Iran.  An export license approved by the U.S. Government is required for us to ship products to Iran. Contact our team to find out how we can help you

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Medical   Dental   Non-Destructive Testing  

Product Information 
Carestream Health Italia S.r.l.
Genoa, Italy
Contact: Paolo Lombardi
Tel: +39 010 245 0805

Service and Support 
Tajhizat Pezeshki Pardazesh Rayan Teb co.
No.12, Iranshahr St., Iranshahr-e-shomali Ave.TEHRAN-IRAN
Zip code: 1583634513
Tel :( +9821) 8812395-8812396
Fax :( +9821) 8821278

Technology and Innovation Centre 

Product Information 
Phone: 0049 (0)711 406 5674

Non-Destructive Testing 
Carestream Health Inc.
Non-Destructive Testing Products
150 Verona Street
Rochester, NY     14608
Product and Technical Services
(24 hours/ 7 days-a-week/ includes holidays) 
Phone: (800) 328-2910
Email Address: 

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